MEDERU is a name derived from the Japanese word "愛でる" (mederu), meaning to adore or cherish. True to our name, since our founding in 2008, we have been contemplating the richness of cherishing and using things with love.

To cherish and use is not only to love our daily lives through objects, but also to connect with the deeper culture and roots behind them. At our atelier, we believe the key to creating long-lasting and beloved items lies in surviving the test of time, transcending the boundaries of Eastern and Western cultures, and continuously exploring the classical crafts. Hidden in these explorations are the quiet dignity of craftsmanship that requires necessary time and effort, and the delicate and expressive beauty of nature, elements that modern manufacturing is gradually letting go of. We consider it our atelier’s life work to unearth this nostalgic beauty and incorporate it into contemporary jewelry.

Traditional jewelry often comes with imposed standards such as being a symbol of eternity, the value of gemstones, or fleeting trends, set by strangers unknown to the wearer. Not blindly accepting these standards, and instead recognizing the beauty that resonates with one’s own heart, bestows a small measure of courage on the owner. This choice nurtures the aesthetics and pride of the craftsman, and both the maker and the user continue to honor the beautiful tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. The inner luxury of cherishing connects to the preservation of culture. Through the rare medium of jewelry, which is both fashion and craft, we aim to pass on courage and culture to modern women.

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