Dear international customers

Thank you for visiting Mederu.
We are a small boutique company based in Tokyo.
All the creative works, printed-material, website, visuals and jewelry design are fulfilled in house.

Our jewellery is handcrafted on an order by order basis, and so there is no stock for on the spot selling. It will take roughly 2 months to deliver after confirming your order.
We don’t take orders online either domestically or internationally.

We ask all our international customers in to visit our salon and place an order onsite to avoid mis-sizing or getting a wrong impression from the visuals. Pictures never get across the real texture of jewelry and how it fits you, so we would like you to TRY on the jewellery and decide what you really want to take.

Once you have been to our salon and placed an order, then we can ship to you abroad if you agree to cover the shipping cost and insurance fee at your end.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us to instagram message.
Thank you.